What is a Walk Score?

One of the most important things to consider when purchasing a home is the location. When considering a new home you want to make sure that its location matches your lifestyle. You may not want to drive long distances every time you leave the house just to take care of everyday errands, or you may prefer to live in a more residential area which will require a car. Knowing the walk score of a property can be a key element to your decision making process.


How does it work?

The walk score of a property is a metric that tells you how easy it is get from the property to different locations without driving. An address is given a number between 0 and 100 to indicated how easy it is to accomplish daily errands on foot. For example, New York City has the highest average walk score in the US with an 88.9 out of 100. The breakdown goes like this:

  • 90-100: Daily errands don’t require a car.
  • 70-89 : Most errands can be accomplished on foot.
  • 50-69 : Some errands can be accomplished on foot.
  • 0-24 :  Most errands require a car.


Why does it matter to me?

Unsurprisingly, the places with the highest walk scores tend to be in large cities. However, finding out the walk score is important no matter where you you are looking. Even if you doing think that the property is going to have a good walk score, actually looking up the address can tell you a lot of things you didn’t know, including:

  • What amenities are close by
  • How long your commute will be
  • Your local public transit


How do I get started?

On all of the Gore Realty Group community pages, we have provided the information on the Walk Score for that community. You can look up your commute and local amenities right on our website. If you’re looking for an area outside of San Diego County or would like to look up a specific address, you can visit the Walk Score website here. You can also take a look at a few of our more popular neighborhood pages:

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