Steve Gore Participates in University-Level Real Estate Leadership Course

Costa Mesa, CA – Steve Gore of Gore & Associates in San Diego participated in an intensive, three day leadership course here, learning with a select group of Realtors how to become true leaders, empowering the teams and clients around them to reach their personal best.

Gore, who already ranks substantially above the average real estate agent, currently helps over 40 homeowners move each year. The typical agent in California averages 2 transactions per year.

According to Gore, “We are very focused on bringing the best results to our clients, and that starts at leadership and permeates throughout our team.”

Steve Gore learned principles, strategies, systems, and techniques for superior service, effective time management, and drive for results. Program content also emphasized the importance of being a model for change.

The program was presented as part of Howard Brinton’s Star Power University, the real estate industry’s only University-level series of intensive, comprehensive training programs.

According to Brinton, participants in these events are part of an elite group of agents. “The quality of the learning experience and the depth of the practical knowledge and skills acquired by participants in unparalleled.”

Brinton claims it is rare in any industry, and real estate is no exception, to find this level of commitment to clients and employees. “Steve Gore and his team have demonstrated a deep commitment to better serve their clients. Their dedication is evidenced in their investment in this course, and the substantial expense involved to be here. Steve Gore and his peers are something special, and the clients and employees who are served by them are fortunate indeed,” he said.

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