Market Watch – July 2013

Mid- month we like to send you information on what is happening in the local housing market. For you homeowners, it keeps you updated on that part of your “investment portfolio”. For those that aren’t, it can help you determine when you’d like to make a move. The following is for statistics junkies like us!

The Sold Price per Square Foot is up 20% over last year!


In the graph below note that Regular (equity) sales are up 43% (!), while Short Sales are down 43% and REO’s 73%! If there is a “shadow inventory” any longer, it appears the market would WELCOME it!


Note below that our current prices are consistent with where the market was in 2004.


These last two slides are for the biggest number geeks among you. Note that even though the number of Active Residential Listings rose consistently from February, the Months of Residential Inventory barely moved. This is because demand for housing is so high, the demand kept up with the additional inventory.



*Note: Above data above based on a six zip code representation of San Diego County. If you would like to see just your zip code or even your neighborhood specifically, just give us a call!

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