Homeowner Tip of the Month

As the weather begins to warm up, your air conditioner bill may start to escalate. Ceiling fans are a low-energy way to keep air moving in your San Diego home. Because of the air circulation effect, you can get away with keeping your thermostat a degree or two higher in summer and a degree or two lower in winter, creating quite a large savings.

While a typical central air conditioning unit uses 3,500 watts of energy when running, the average ceiling fan uses only 60 watts, even when running on high. That means running your ceiling fan all day allows you to cut down on your AC usage. By doing this you can save a lot of money!

Follow these tips to get the most out of your ceiling fan no matter the season:

  • Turn your fan off when you are not in the room
  • For rooms with high ceilings, use a downrod to position the fan closer to the living space
  • In the summer, use the ceiling fan in the counterclockwise direction so air will be blowing down on you
  • In the winter use the ceiling fan clockwise, by using the reversal switch, so air is pulled away from you
  • Set your home’s temperature higher in the summer and let your ceiling fan do the work



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