San Diego Home Design Trend: Del Sur Rooms

Living in a mild climate gives us San Diego residents a unique opportunity for year-round outdoor living that much of the rest of the world cannot enjoy. As a result, outdoor family rooms are becoming a popular home trend. It’s  become especially common in the Del Sur community homes, which is why you may hear the builder refer to this area as the “Del Sur Room”.

The outdoor living room is usually walled in on 2 or 3 sides and is covered with a roof, with an open wall on the remaining side(s). This allows you to enjoy the fresh air and scenery of your backyard without being too exposed to the elements. The beauty of your outdoor living room is that you  have the freedom to do with it as you wish: design your “Del Sur Room” to fit your lifestyle!

Looking for ideas? See some of ours below:


Plan for outdoor dining with a barbecue and a dining room table.

Del Sur room - outdoor dining

Add a fireplace and some patio furniture for the ideal romantic setting.


Add a second open wall to allow an even more exposed setting and to let in more fresh air.


Install a television to enjoy your favorite shows in the great outdoors.

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Have you done something special with your outdoor family room? Leave a comment and tell us what you think, or share ideas of your own!

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