Featured Charity: Salvation Army

The Salvation Army is about “Doing the Most Good”. The organization operates more than 7,500 centers across the nation, which serve a variety of purposes, including food distribution, disaster relief, rehabilitation centers, anti-human trafficking efforts, and children’s programs. You may have seen the red kettles outside of your local grocery store or on a street corner, with a volunteer ringing a bell. The kettle contributions are just one way the Salvation Army is funded – one of the largest ways the organization funds its various missions is by selling donated goods.

Supporting The Salvation Army is easier than you might think – it can even be very convenient! If you’re moving, or even just cleaning out the old junk in your home, you can request a truck pickup to donate your old furniture, clothes, cars, and more. The SA truck will come by to pick up your items, and they will write you a receipt for your donations, which are tax deductible.

If you’d prefer to drop your items off yourself, you can find the drop off location closest to you. They are all over San Diego County. Click here to visit the Salvation Army website, to learn more about the organization and to find out how to get involved.


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