Facing Foreclosure, Rancho Penasquitos Family is Saved from Financial Ruin by Specially Trained Realtors

Facing foreclosure after dealing with severe health problems that caused them to fall behind on their mortgage, David & Sally S. of Rancho Penasquitos were in despair.

Their mortgage was $200,000 more than the home’s value and they were facing financial ruin. And because of health issues affecting their employment, they didn’t know where to turn. But after sitting down with Steve & Victoria Gore, they were relieved to know they had viable options.

They sold their home in a short sale, where the lender accepted the selling price as payoff in full of the mortgage that was of much larger value. The Gore’s are Certified Distressed Property Experts (CDPE’s) and highly trained in handling short sales. They worked with the lender and the buyer’s agent handling a mountain of paperwork with the specialized knowledge necessary to successfully close the deal.

“We couldn’t have done it without this couple. They were really there for us. We are now happy campers without a foreclosure on our record and free from a burden we could no longer carry.”

The Gore’s are trained as Short Sale experts by a nationally acclaimed Distressed Property Institute in Florida. They took several weeks of courses on how to successfully manage short sales and assist homeowners in financial distress, something that many Realtors do not want to do because of the extra time involved to get the specialized training as well as the volume of work involved in processing the transaction.

“Our training prepared us to better help homeowners in need of options to save them from foreclosure,” said Steve Gore. “It is so gratifying to be able to help people who are suffering due to circumstances beyond their control. With this economy, it is our mission to help as many people as possible avoid the devastating effects that can come from bad situations.”

As a public service, Victoria & Steve are making these two reports available to San Diego residents at no charge: “Options And Solutions For Homeowners In Foreclosure” and “Foreclosure Vs. Short Sale Homeowner Consequences”. Anyone wanting this information can call Steve & Victoria Gore at (858) 229-9212 or email their request to [email protected]

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