8 Ways to Prepare for El Nino

If the El Nino rainfall predictions are correct, now is the time to protect your home from unwanted harm and damage. Here’s a list of ways for you to protect your house from the upcoming showers :

  1. Fix your leaks
  2. Clean out your gutters and downspouts
  3. Invest in a generator
  4. Install a sump pump : With enough rain, groundwater can invade below-grade spaces such as basements and garages even with good drainage systems in place.
  5. Paint the exterior wood trim of your house : Cracks in paint can carry water directly into the wood and promote dry rot and termite invasion.
  6. Store emergency repair materials in a safe dry place (sandbags, heavy plastic sheeting, etc)
  7. Consider insurance
  8. Stock up on supplies in the event of a loss of power : canned food, water, cash, flashlights, batteries, etc



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